• Hohner Musette IV not doing too well

    From Ike Milligan@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 22 22:35:24 2018
    no bids. no offers on my musette IV
    Ebay sold me a "push' sponsored listing, but when I search for that
    accordion i see no sponsored ad.
    I will have to lower the price and get rid of the pictures where I
    re-grommeted the keyboard.
    The rubber does not wear out, so much as it just gets brittle.
    I am wondering about the quality of the steel in the reeds. They are
    beautiful "dumbrada" reeds on gold-tone anodized plates, but I wonder if
    the Germans were using the same quality steel as they once did. It is
    labeled "TR" and Made in Germany, but are the reeds still as good as in
    years before?
    Hohner experts speak up!
    I am likely to pull the listing and re-do everything and maybe go to
    $1800 fixed price.
    The new Atlantic IV is listed on Ebay for over $7000. Same accordion
    but LMMH.

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