• Master Millenium Reedless Accordion

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    Hello All,

    I posted this question on a site and got ZERO responses. I hope I
    have better luck here.

    I am curious about the Master Millenium Reedless Accordion that came
    out several years ago. Please note: this is NOT the Petosa

    The reason I'm curious about it is that it had features that seemed to preceed anything that Roland packed into a Reedless accordion. The
    power box that came with the Master Millenium, for example, had a MIDI
    IN port, which was unusual for reedless accordions. It also had two
    MIDI OUTs.

    The treble side of the accordion was also interesting. There were two
    treble settings, each with its own MIDI channel. Treble One consisted
    of several accordion sounds. Having selected one of them, the player
    could then press one of several switches (they look just like the
    treble switches on an acoustic accordion) to select the reed
    combinations within that sound. This also looks like a forerunner to

    Treble Two was for orchestral sounds, although there were probably
    less than the number of orchestral sounds that Master offers today.

    And then, of course, there were MIDI channels for bass and for chords, similar to what most reedless instruments had.

    I wonder how popular this reedless was in its day and how many of them
    have survived.


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