• Bobby's accordion for sale $3000

    From Ike Milligan@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 19 20:39:23 2021
    LMM Titano "Tube Chamber"
    Played only a few hours. Was listed new for $5000
    The dealer had one reed set tuned specially for Bobby but I had to
    re-tune only that musette set because the tuner the dealer hired did a
    lousy job. Bobby was unhappy with it so I bought it from him and fixed
    the musette set.
    In the video you can hear that it now sounds great with a strong French
    style tremolo. The other reed sets are in perfect equal temperament and
    were not re-tuned.
    Bobby played a lot of tunes in the video, so he seems to like it now.
    you will hear that it sounds great all the way up and down the keyboard. Perfect for all your gigs.
    Original hard case.

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