• German Accordions from Bulgaria

    From Ike Milligan@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 6 19:46:27 2021
    I've been seeing Hohner and Weltmeister accordions for sale on eBay --
    country of origin Bulgaria, price rather cheap.
    Finally had the opportunity to work on one, and it looks like a few salt
    spots on the reeds. Treating this by a few drops of 3-in-1 oil and
    scraping off the rust then wiping off the oil.
    Then of course new reed valves and wax. Somebody had mixed up the reeds
    by putting the loose ones in random places with contact cement.
    The bass buttons had also fallen and it's like a Zen thing to drop them
    back in place or take 3 hours if you lose the concentration.
    This one came from Etsy so beware.

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