• Accordion club in Ohio?

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    On Tuesday, September 15, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, jnatoli wrote:
    Hello friends,

    Does anyone out there know of an accordion club or clubs that exist in
    Ohio? If not, is there any interest in forming one in the Cleveland,
    Akron, Youngstown area?

    Also, aside from inviting artists and club members to perform, would any current club members be interested in sharing the types of agendas
    and/or activities they have developed for their own clubs?

    Thanks very much for your input.

    Best wishes,
    Joe Natoli, JANPress Publications <http://www.pathway.net/jnatoli/janpress.htm>

    I know that your original post is an old one, but I am interested in finding an Accordion Club in the Cleveland area. Please contact me. Ken Hodina, kah3705@gmail.com, 812-327-3705

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