• Example of how old accordions work

    From Ike Milligan@21:1/5 to All on Sun Dec 31 11:01:10 2017
    In this video I am playing an accordion forom the early 1930's or maybe
    older. It only has 2 sets of treble reeds and 5 sets of bass reeds going
    all the way down to F below the low G often found on old Hohner
    accordions from about that period.
    Modern accordions are mostly best for playing Pop and Jazz with several switches for different sounds. For Pokas and Waltzes, etc. you don't
    need that.
    The older reeds were made for players who had to play lead without a microphone.
    The piece is by Slavco Avsenic. It was recorded on the street in
    Annapolis by Naptown Music.
    i want to work on it a bit, and stop playing with my mouth opne which
    makes me look older than I feel.


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