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    Then you go to the movie and hear the sound from behind you it is just like wearing your 3D sound glasses. Now try to imagine music in this 3D glasses where each individual sound has its unique location in 3 Dimensional space. My name is Alexander
    Golberg Jero, and I am the First Winner of the world-famous First Surround Music Awards for the Best New Surround Music Composition, presented by United Entertainment in 2002. I have composed more than 200 high definition audio titles, all critically
    recognized. This is my new format for representing the multichannel audio to the consumer market produced with the support of many technology consumers groups for the future of music industry.

    My project is not only innovative: it is a game-changer in the industry that will revolutionize it and its approach. It covers all main parts of music production, distribution, and marketing, which makes it an amazing opportunity for people with
    different skills. It mainly includes these three broad areas: music product distribution, content development, and artist marketing. These will be supported by major record labels: this means that the intellectual properties of musical and lyrical
    content will, of course, be protected.

    The exciting promotion of the project will be enhanced by the star presence of new Celebrity artist, a well-known presence in the industry, who is an expert in music tech and has dedicated his life working with new and cutting-edge sound technologies.
    Their involvement is something that is a guarantee in itself regarding the quality of the project and the team behind it.

    This project is not only an innovative opportunity and a unique challenge: it is a new way of perceiving and conceiving the music industry. This project brings the concrete possibility of a radical change in the industry through new amazing and exciting
    technologies. The new format of representing the multichannel audio to the consumer market with the aid of these technologies will give whoever is involved in the project the chance to contribute to a change that will benefit every aspect of the industry.
    Website: http://www.highdefinitionmusiccard.com

    Source: http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=201007

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