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    Dan Hildebrand wrote:

    Back in the 1970s, when disco was hot, I went to see a guy called Buster Cherry Jones playing at the Peppermint Lounge in NYC a few times. I
    have never seen anyone slap like him again. He had the slap as well as
    the soul. I heard later that he was a drug addict, and may have died.
    Not sure about that.

    Bustah Jones plays on Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain and/or Warm Jets I
    believe, but is not distinctive. He reappears (again, IMS) on My Life in
    the Bush of Ghosts, and was also the main bassist for the Heads in the
    Stop Making Sense era.
    He had a solo lp, with a nice single off it. Interestingly, I have never heard any assiduous slapping in his playing in these recordings, more of
    a finger funker.

    I believe he did indeed enter the stereo cabinet a while ago, but if
    anyone has more details on Bustah, post them.
    Too bad you have no tapes from the Pep lounge shows ;)


    According to MusicMinder:
    Date Died: 7th November 1995
    Location Died: United States of America
    Cause Of Death: Heart failure

    He played with Chris Spedding & Sharks (UK Band) replacing Andy Fraser in 1973. He was recommended to Chris Spedding by Mick Jagger! There's a great video on Vimeo of Sharks with Busta playing a superb black Rickenbacker 4001: https://vimeo.com/


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