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    T.J. Doyle, L.A's proponent of Americana music that presents his love of the Earth and the people on it, will present his newest single, "Anonymous" on Sept. 7.

    On Totem Artists and distributed by Dash/Go, "Anonymous" is "a tribute to anyone who has felt marginalized", says Doyle. As TJ's lyrics say, "Don't you know that you are golden, Don't believe you're anonymous".

    The single is the follow up to "Unconditional", a song about "unconditional love in the digital age", that received airplay all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and across North America.

    At a time when divisions seem to be so loud in people’s minds, TJ Doyle feels music can bring calm, so he presents ideas that help dissuade the internal discourse that is prevalent in our society today. In "Anonymous" particularly, the singer/
    songwriter says, " It is my hope the listener can take away the thought they have something very special in them, and start to fan the flames of this 'self', so they can 'spread their wings and FLY'!"

    Doyle, who admits to his strong vocals being reminiscent of Neil Young, describes his music in general as a vehicle to "help people make sense of themselves and the world. That is my prime directive with my music and lyrics." The Neil Young part is not
    reversible. "That's the way I sing. Can't help it".

    "Anonymous", produced by David Z Rivkin (Prince, Fine Young Cannibals) is part of a planned EP, "or maybe an album. "It doesn't matter anymore. People can now enjoy music from an artist one song at a time. The album will arrive when it's the 'right time'"
    . Doyle has released two albums the most recent being "On The Horizon" released in 2016. That recording received highly favorable reactions from many media outlets including The Vinyl District, Jamsphere, Onstage Magazine, and Bearded Magazine.

    Website: http://www.tjdoylemusic.com/

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