• Happy Note Records Opens Its Vault For Music Licensing Initiative

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    Happy Note Records, based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006, is opening up its extensive vault of full mix recordings and atmospheric cues to music supervisors, producers and creative production professionals everywhere. Never before has the world'
    s creative producers had such access to the talent of composer and arranger Charles Xavier, whose ear turns to building creative sonic soundscapes, created from his sound design experience working on independent feature films to composing percussive
    electronic grooves. The Happy Note Vault, now under the directorship of label co-founder Stephanie Xavier, offers a range of genres and cross overs: electronic; pop rock; jazz, funk soul, traditional winter holiday music and Americana social issue
    protest. The catalogue is originally written with publishing rights intact through Whaling City Music Publishing. The label is meeting with sync professionals from around the world at Midem, the international B2B Music Market, June 6-9 in Cannes, France.

    "We know the demands and short turn around deadlines that music supervisors face daily. We felt that a personal and direct service would be beneficial to creative producers who are interested in new talent with high quality outcomes," said Stephanie
    Xavier, co-founder and managing director of Happy Note Records.

    Music supervisors and creative producers are encouraged to work directly with Happy Note Records for full service support and access to a broader set of songs and cues. Alternatively, Happy Note Records partners with The Orchard and MusicSupervisor.com
    for licensing transactions.

    About Charles Xavier - Composer, Electronic Musician and Percussionist
    Charles Xavier has built multiple businesses and endeavors in the music and recording industries for the past 30 years, including an independent record label Happy Note Records. He is a voting member and a member of the San Francisco chapter for The
    Recording Academy, which sponsor The Grammys, a peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry.

    Since Happy Note Records was established in 2006, the Xman has been performing live with regional tours in the United States. The label will continue to release new material and the extensive, unpublished material written by Charles Xavier.

    Xavier is currently developing a new series of music productions, which will feature multi-media performance arts. Part of the planned series is a music-theater work titled "FROM SIRI TO BOSCO," which will be based on Charles Xavier's previous career in
    a real-life, post production studio. This story will personify his contribution as a member of the voice-over, creative team that produced the new version of SIRI, the world's natural language voice command for Apple mobile devices. The planned
    production re-imagines his work in the post studio as a technologically-infused jazz musical, envisioned as equal parts meditation, improvisation, and fantasia. The new series of hybrid performances, which will vary in its use of multimedia, music and
    theatrical storytelling, is named and dedicated to Xavier's Newfoundland dog companion, BOSCO.

    Website: http://www.charlesxavier.com
    Music: http://www.charlesxavier.com/music-licensing.html

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