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    Singer, songwriter David Vaters is a maverick in the Christian, Americana, Pop Rock, Country music world. He defies any kind of easy pigeonhole. David's distinctive haunting vocals & songs relevant to todays modern life reaches deep for a soulful
    expression of values in a troubled world.

    As a songwriter he has written over 400+ songs & is releasing today a collection of 10 songs in his first solo album "A Voice in the Wilderness Volume 1" to radio and on iTunes, Spotify & all digital platforms & at www.davidvaters.com -- all skillfully
    blended into a seamless flow. One fan said "Its music from the heart that hits you right between the eyes."

    In a recent interview, David said, "I think what people will hear is something different but yet familiar. Different in terms of what I hope is a really honest and sincere message to everyone to wake up out of the distractions of social media, television
    and striving to accumulate stuff!

    Vaters added, "We as human beings are flawed. Period. So as flawed human beings it is only by God's grace we can have hope that so many of us desperately need these days. I like to speak and write in a uncomplicated, compelling way that people will get
    it. It comes down to being relevant, real and true."

    David deliberately steps into a creative and artistic relevant way crafting his style that is varied but uniquely David in Americana, Country, Pop/Rock and Christian music genera's with a collection of compelling songs with a unique sense of musical

    "I feel like it's a good season regardless of what we see online & in the mass media and around the world every day," Vaters says, leaning back into the leather chair in the studio in Alabama. "After writing 400+ songs I have to say I'm pretty passionate
    about the songs on this album!

    I am really excited about how they are going to move the listener, especially if they take the time to hear the lyrics and the recording nuances of the live off the floor players (in most cases). I'm having fun and I'm excited about this recording
    including the CCM timely single This Cross and It's Time and cross over songs like 8 Ways from Sunday and Running to You."

    "What people are saying about David Vaters and A Voice in the Wilderness Volume One ...

    "A very honest singer-songwriter album, with a Dylan-esque delivery of heartfelt lyrics to God, to family, to friends...very refreshing to hear."
    Bob Farrell Grammy Award Songwriter and Producer

    "What a total breath of fresh air! This record is unique and original, and full of an element seemingly missing in music in general.
    It is the honest heart cry of a man birthed from the soul of David Vaters, this recording is full of songs about real life, our struggles and victories, and even the grief of saying goodbye." "It is my pleasure to recommend this collection of songs from
    one of the most original artist I've ever produced.
    David Vest - Producer and Musician

    'I encourage everyone to give this one a listen. "A Voice in the Wilderness" is a voice that calls out to everyone, and should be heard around the world!

    No sound-alike here. David Vaters has been gifted with a uniquely-raw vocal style that takes a lyric and breathes life into every word.
    This is heartfelt music that reaches down deep and grips the soul. Hear now a 'voice' unlike any other in Christian music today.
    Myron Nash - Network TV and Movie Producer

    THIS CROSS the first radio single is a double entendre talking about how there is a push to take down crosses from public spaces and also what may have been like to carry the Cross to redeem the world.

    Single THIS CROSS NOW Available on Release [MPE 649711: This Cross]

    David is available for media phone interviews. Please contact: Susan Harrison at davidvaters@aol.com

    Visit David's website at www.davidvaters.com for more information, including mp3's & contact info.
    Be sure to visit his online press kit at http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/davidvatersmusic

    Music: http://www.davidvaters.com/the-music

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