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    On Wednesday, December 2, 1992 at 4:14:41 PM UTC, jim hori wrote:
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    The one song I heard from
    the MC Stereos had the same kind of Brit rap sound (which I like) R they N >E good?
    I assume you are referring to the Stereo MCs (not the MC Stereos).
    The Stereo MCs started out rapping, but their last two singles are
    not really rap. Are they good? Only intermittently. The best thing
    they've done is a stormer called "Lost In Music": the Ultimatum re-
    mix cranks and rocks the house. Of the two singles off their latest
    album, the first, "Connected", based on a Jimmy "Bo" Horne groove
    is good, the followup is so good.
    WM-DD100 Boodo Khan

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