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    I don't understand why you say Hans's answer is entirely off.

    I didn't. I said that your post addressed something rather different from
    the subject of the question.

    Here are some

    <irrelevant facts snipped, because they are still not to do with the question.>
    Horn playing is very much like playing golf. As a player of both I have learned that the results are what conductors and score counters are concerned with - they don't ask how you achieved them. Personally I prefer to have my double set in Bb/F as I
    also use a BbF/Alto. The lever is then used in the same direction when required.
    Tom Mc Manus
    You (and Hans) are talking about which side of the horn you should spend
    more time learning. That is not relevant to which way round the thumb key is set. You can do a perfectly adequate amount of practise on the F side with the thumb key set on the Bb side, and I would hope that the boy's teacher is competent enough to make sure that this is done.

    Jonathan West

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