• Christafari does mean something...

    From mikeynhuntersdad@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 4 16:30:36 2017
    Christifari is a born again Christian Rastafari worship team. Actually Christian Rastafari is not uncommon, the 12 tribes group of Rastafari believe Christ is the Messiah and H.I.M a prophet.

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    jon madison (jm@indianapolis.sgi.com) wrote:
    : in latin--'christ the creator'

    I'm going to check up on this. No offense, but I don't buy it.

    "Tafari" is a personal name in Amharic, one of the chief languages spoken
    in Ethiopia. It was the first name of Ras [Duke] Tafari, who, when coronated, became Haile Selassie I. HRM Haile Selassie I was the last emporer of Ethiopia and the man Rastafarians (who get their name from his pre-coronation name) believed to be the second coming of Christ (some of their theology has changed since his death in 1975).

    Christafari, the popular Christian dancehall band, seems to have gotten
    their name from a pun on "Ras Tafari", using the title "Christ" in place
    of "Ras". The main problem with this is that the band name still
    contains the personal name "Tafari", which would make the band name
    "Messiah Tafari" (exactly, btw, what Rastafarians believe).

    I do not believe at all that the band intends to identify themselves as worshippers of Haile Selassie. I think they were making a pun. It just happens to be an unfortunate one.

    I will check this claim about Latin.

    : greek: (christafaros[sp?]) "those who bear or represent Christ's
    : name"

    I will also check this. The name "Christopher" means "Christ bearer", actually, just as "Lucifer" means "Light bearer."


    I also thought the same but Christafari means People who represent Christ in Greek. And this is the meaning the christian reggae band Christafari intended.

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