• Any Christian Deathmetal Fans Out there?

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    On Friday, August 2, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, FUCK THE POLICE wrote:
    Mike McCutcheon <gothic@mail2.quiknet.com> took a fat hit off a pipe
    and wrote:

    Anyone here into Christian death/doom/unblack/shrill metal? I am into >HORDE, PARAMAECIUM, MORTIFICATION, LIVING SACRAFICE, CRIMSON THORN, and >other norwegian Christian metal. Deathmetal aint dead!!!!

    Wow, I murder Christians who pretend they can play black metal. What
    a bunch of morons you people are to think you can change our minds.


    You are a complete and total idiot! You suffer from head-up-ass syndrome!

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