• The Phantom Tollbooth February 2017: All You Need is Love: If You Work

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    The Phantom Tollbooth Press Release
    All you need is love. If you work it.
    February 2017

    Romantic love gets only one day a year, which hardly fills the serious deficit all of us experience, a hole all the love in the world cannot fill. Where to go? Out of this world, to one who was sent as the ultimate expression of the Creator's feelings
    towards his creation. Accepting this amazing gift may feel like work, but it beats lugging an improperly filled hole through life. Our publication stands ready with entertainment suggestions and guidance for your journey travels through this world toward
    a better place. Slow down, and have your change ready.

    Picks of the Month:
    Neal Morse Band, the – The Similitude of a Dream (Walker)
    Dillon, Cara – Upon a Winter’s Nigh
    Winans, CeCe - Let Them Fall In Love

    Marie Asner’s Academy Award Picks for 2016 Films---The Oscars
    Paperback Writer: Steve Turner on The Beatles' Revolutionary Year
    The Best & Worst Films of 2016

    Movie Reviews
    20th Century Women
    Anomalisa (DVD)
    Assassin’s Creed
    Eagle Huntress
    Hidden Figures
    La La Land
    Live By Night
    Manchester By The Sea
    Mars Episodes 3-6
    Miss Sloan
    Monster Calls )
    National Geographic Channel “Story Of God II”
    National Geographic Channel “Story Of God II” - Heaven and Hell
    National Geographic Channel “Story Of God II” - Proof of God
    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    The Commitments, 25th Anniversary Edition (DVD)
    The Founder
    The LEGO Batman Movie
    The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
    Things to Come (DVD)
    Years Of Living Dangerously, Season 2

    Music Reviews
    Arenius, Joakim and Praise Unit with Friends - Be The Plan
    Assad, Audrey - Winter EP
    Bedford, Ben – The Pilot and the Flying Machine
    Bishop Bullwinkle - Hell 2 Da Naw Naw (Music videos)
    Bragg, Billy and Joe Henry – Shine a Light
    Chops 'n Soul - Gimmee The Grease
    Dillon, Cara – Upon a Winter’s Night
    Grayson/Reed - Walk
    Heimlicher - Sounds From Above
    Impala, Cera – Tumbleweed
    InventionisMater - Zapping
    Jackie Soundtrack
    Jenny & Tyler - Christmas Stories
    Jericho Summer – Night Train
    Johnson, Jaylene - Potter & Clay
    Maddison's Thread - 60 Minutes an Hour
    Neal Morse Band, the – The Similitude of a Dream (Walker)
    Peter Erskine Trio – As It Was (Old and New Masters Series Box Set)
    Rance Allen Group, The - Live in San Francisco
    Rhythm Future Quartet - Travels
    Romero, Roddie and the Hub City All-Stars – Gulfstream
    Sarah McLachlan - Wonderland
    Seim, Trygve – Rumi Songs
    Vance, Foy – The Wild Swan
    Vox Clamantis: The Deer’s Cry (Music by Arvo Pärt)
    Wakeman, Rick – Piano Portraits
    Watson, Jean - Wonder
    Winans, CeCe - Let Them Fall In Love

    Concert Reviews
    Billy Bragg and Joe Henry –Shine a Light Tour, Union Chapel, London
    Groves, Sara - In Concert on Long Island
    Neal Morse Band, The - Live in NYC - 2/2/17
    Paul Winter and Gary Brooker - Winter Solstice Concert
    Rock of Ageless - Stryper Soldiers on...
    Ten Tenors - Home For The Holidays

    Shari Lloyd
    Linda LaFianza
    The Phantom Tollbooth
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