• The Phantom Tollbooth October 2016 Press Release

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    October 2016
    The Phantom Tollbooth Press Release
    Beat back the orange and black attack.

    Our October issue features two in-depth features on Christian music phenomenons Hillsong and U2 and don't miss the recap of contributor Bert Seraco's recent concert photo essays. Enjoy this orange and black month with the light of the Gospel close at
    hand. As always, The Phantom Tollbooth stands ready to offer entertainment guidance.

    Picks of the Month
    Keith and Krystyn Getty – Facing a Task Unfinished
    Donnie McClurkin - The Journey (Live)
    Prestonwood Worship - Songs of the People

    Hillsong: Let Hope Rise - "A vehicle by which to introduce non-Hillsongers (Hillsingers?) to the church's rampant aberrance" or reasonably riveting viewing? Author Jaime Lee Rake uses this movie release to delve deep into the questionable side of a "
    worldwide worship" phenomenon and arrives at some incisive conclusions.

    U2 at 40 - Is Bono the Messiah, or a very naughty boy?

    Movie Reviews
    Brian Pern, Series 1-3 (DVD)
    Deepwater Horizon
    Florence Foster Jenkins
    Janis: Little Girl Blue (DVD)
    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

    Concert Reviews
    In Case You Missed It: Recent photo essays by Bert Seraco

    Book Review
    The Academy by J. T. Payne and Ryan Mix

    Music Reviews
    Adam Beattie – The Road Not Taken
    Bishop Bullwinkle - Hell 2 Da Naw Naw (Music videos)
    Jordan Feliz - The River
    Keith and Krystyn Getty – Facing a Task Unfinished
    Dennis Hendricksen - Dreams & Visions
    Donnie McClurkin - The Journey (Live)
    Merripennie - self-titled
    Prestonwood Worship - Songs of the People
    Eve Selis – See Me with your Heart

    Shari Lloyd
    Linda LaFianza
    The Phantom Tollbooth
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