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    On Thursday, August 25, 1994 at 5:23:58 AM UTC-4, Rick Goheen wrote:
    Mike Wertheimer (sty...@tequesta.gate.net) wrote:
    : If you get a chance to see Out of the Grey in concert, they put on an
    : awesome show. I was blessed to see them open for Margaret Becker
    : and they were incredible. They are MUCH better live than recorded with
    : just Scott's thundering guitar and Christine's voice all alone on the stage.
    : They put on a very emphatic performance live.
    Ditto. I've seen them 3x live now, the first time at the Toledo Zoo
    where they "closed" for Charlie Peacock. CP was his own opening act,
    with his trio consisting of himself, Scott Dente, and the late Vince
    Ebo. I'll never forget it. They were, understandably, a bit noisier
    than the CP trio, and it made sense for them to go on last... somewhat
    less impressive at Ichthus '94, but still pretty good. Best off-the-wall concert comment: Christine referring to her "odd shape" [due to pregnancy] back in March when they opened for Margaret Becker... Can't wait til they
    do the Midwest again.
    Very cool. I was also at the Toledo Zoo for the Charlie Peacock / Out of the Grey show. Charlie's very low key performance surprised me a lot. But Out of the Grey was just amazing.

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