• What do you have more of: Secular or Christian CDs?

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    NP: Wes Cunningham--12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking

    So what do you think about this CD?, I was surprised at the heaviness of it, as Wes
    kinda looks like Chris Rice after a bad night.
    Well, I listened to it at Borders and got it based on that. I'm used to
    much heavier stuff (Metallica--Garage Inc. currently in player) so I
    didn't think of it like that at all. I like it. Kinda fresh sounding
    rock. I need to listen to it more, though; at this point it's one of
    those discs I can't really remember when it's not actually playing. Do
    you know what he's done before? One song in the middle of the album
    seemed to have Christian leanings, or so it seemed as I was listening.
    I hate it when there's no lyric sheet.
    Through his music, Wes Cunningham does a great job of weaving-in "Christian leanings" without focusing every lyric or song on his faith. Wes -- keep writing and recording !!!

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