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    On Friday, December 6, 1996 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-6, John Brzykcy wrote:
    Hello all.

    Here are some CD's. Most are set-sale at the price marked; others are bid/trade only!

    SS means still sealed! Other CD's are used (but not abused)!
    Reach me at DZYV88A@Prodigy.com (John Brzykcy)

    This is my Dec. 3 UPDATE.

    Broken Christmas - sampler with Riki Michelle singing "First Noel", Undercover singing "O Come all ye Faithful", Ojo sings "Hark the Herald..
    ", Adam Again sing " Angels we Have heard...", The Holidays sing "Silent Night", etc.. get this CD now. (SS) 15.00

    Adam Again - In a new world.. 7.00
    Paul Aldrich - Meet Paul Aldrich 4.00
    Michael Anderson - Sound Alarm 8.00
    Angelica - Time is All it Takes (SS) 6.00
    Arc - Jester Demo (4-song British cd!) 10.00
    a British alternative-punk sound!
    Ian Archer -Playing Dead (UK import!) SS 1995 15.00
    Asight Unseen - Circus of Shame 5.00
    Awful Truth same $20.00
    Barren Cross- State of Control 20.00
    Mary Barrett - a breath away
    If you like beautiful, acoustic, moody music, BUY THIS CD!
    She has a wonderful, touching voice and her lyrics are
    so "heart-felt". No "sugary-coated" lyrics here, this is
    praise and prayer to God! Includes a beautiful wedding
    song. Malcolm Wild (ex Malcolm & Alwyn!) sings on one
    tune! (SS) $13.00
    Betrayal - Renaissance by death (SS) 6.00
    Black Carnation - Remains the same (SS) 7.00
    BlackHouse - Stairway to the Gospel
    Industrial music!! Import from Germany!
    (SS) 18.00 Weird stuff!!
    Blackhouse - Father, Son & Holy Ghost SS 40.00!
    Blackhouse - Holy War 13.00
    Blenderhead - Prime Candidate.. 7.00
    Bloodgood - Rock in Hard Place $20.00
    Bloodgood - To Germany w/Love 50.00
    Bloodgood - same (first CD!) 35.00
    Brave New Music - sampler w/The Trust,
    Screamin Eden!, Legacy, etc.. (SS) 8.00
    Breakfast w/Amy - Dad (SS) 17.00
    Bride - Across the border (import "Live" cd!)
    quite rare brand new! 45.00
    Bride - Silence is Madness 40.00
    Bride - The Lost Reels (SS)
    20 songs including ""Fine Line", "Let Son Shine",
    "Hollywood", "18", "Help", "Sugar", "Pyramid"
    "Echoes of Mercy", "It's the Devil", etc.. 20.00
    T Bone Burnett - Truth Decay (SS) 20.00
    T Bone Burnett - Talking Animals (SS) 16.00
    T Bone Burnett - same (SS) 16.00
    Steve Camp - Compact Favorites 7.00
    Mark Catley - Make the Tea NEW
    British folk-rock (humorous!!) Great 12.00
    Chagall Guevara -same 20.00
    Steven C. Chapman - Heaven in Real.. (SS) 7.00
    Charizma - Ultimate Call IMPORT! (SS) 18.00
    The Choir - Voices in Shadows SS 16.00
    The Clear - Live Stomach (NZ import!) 10.00
    Clash of Symbols - Sunday is an... SS 10.00
    Bruce Cockburn - "live" (14 songs!) (SS) 15.00
    Crumbacher - Tame the Volcano (SS) 6.00
    Daniel Amos - Shotgun Angel 25.00
    Daniel Amos - same (SS) $25.00
    Daniel Amos - Preachers from Space (SS) 13.00
    This is a "live" recording from 1978 but just
    released now on CD!!
    DA - Kalhoun (SS) 8.00
    DA - Darn Floor, Big Bite (Bid/trade)
    Daniel Band - Running out of Time (SS) 17.00

    Dead Artist Syndrome - Prints of Darkness
    Blond Vinyl label 18.00
    Anthony DeBarros - The Waiting Room
    this is my selection for best acoustic/moody Christian
    CD for 1995!! If you love mostly mellow/acoustic music
    (a few soft rockers thrown in too!), then you should
    love this CD! Give it a try! (SS) 12.00
    Decision D - Moratoria ( Death Metal import from
    Holland!) NEW! 13.00
    Decision D - Moratoria (used) 9.00
    Deitiphobia - Fear of God Bid/trade
    Demolition - sampler CD w/unknown bands including
    Thresher, Abhor Evil, Immortal, Consecrator, etc.
    (SS) 15.00 or trade
    Detritus - Perpetual Defiance SS 8.00
    Dream of Eden - Into Here & now (SS) 7.00
    Edin Adahl - Into My Soul 6.00
    The Electric Revival - Learning to Drown
    (British alternative with great guitar!!)
    NEW 16.00 Import!
    Elim Hall - Things Break (SS) 16.00
    (anybody know what happened to them??)
    Joe English (remember him?) - Lights in World/
    Held Accountable (2 LP on one cd!) SS 15.00
    The Exit - custom, Florida folk/alternative CD! (SS) 12.00
    John Fischer - Wide Angle (SS) 10.00
    Franks Enemy - same (SS) 12.00
    Mark Farner - Wake Up (SS) 7.00
    The Front - same (SS) 12.00
    Full Gospel Boogie Band - On a Mission
    indie CD of Boogie blues-rock! GREAT! (SS) 12.00
    Glass Harp - same (new import!) 14.00
    Godsent Humans -Liberty or Death SS 8.00
    Grammatrain - new grunge rock (SS) 12.00
    Amy Grant - House of Love BRITISH CD
    (with extra song!!) NEW 14.00
    Greenbelt Fringe '95 - sampler IMPORT Cd!!
    It has 20 songs by mostly umknown bands/artists. A great
    variety of music from folk,celtic, rock, acoustic, etc.
    Some artists on the CD are: Eve & the Garden, Moose
    Machine, Bernard's Dog, Mudheads Monkey, Pete Ryder,
    Hunt, Fresh Claim, etc... Price for NEW CD -$15.00
    Groms - Swedish DEATH METAL (new) 30.00
    Heavy Blues - New Age (great blues-rock cd from Poland!!)
    Some songs in Polish and some in English. Trade only
    Ideology - modern rock CD (indie!) (SS) 10.00
    In 3-D - Barrage Bid/trade
    Jerusalem - 10 Years After 35.00
    Jet Circus - Step on It (SS) $15.00
    Joshua - Surrender (SS) 7.00
    Phil Keaggy - Way Back Home (SS) 9.00

    King's Road - Where Angels Walk SS 9.00
    Mike Knott - Screaming Brittle Siren
    hard-to-find now. Has a few minor scuffs on CD
    but should play perfect! $16.00
    Keith Lancaster - Prime Time 5.00
    Lifesavers - Poplife (SS) $25.00
    Lightforce - Mystical Thieves 35.00
    Love Coma - Soul Rash 6.00
    LSU - Cash in Chaos SS 15.00
    LSU - This is the Healing 30.00
    LSU - Grace Shaker SS 13.00
    Malcolm & Alwyn - Fool's Wisdom (Great reissue of classic
    70's Christian British LP!) (SS) 15.00
    Geoff Mann - Loud Symbols (SS) $16.00
    Mental Destruction - Intensity of Darkness
    Swedish death-metal! 14.00
    Metro One Sampler Cd w/ T-Bone, Crystal Lewis, Asight
    Unseen, Prodigal Sons, etc... 5.00
    Greg Minier - same (REX) 25.00
    Don Mitchell - Straight to heart (indie)
    5 song CD (SS) 6.00
    Geoff Moore - The Distance (very hard-to-find cd!)
    Mortal - Wake 7.00
    Mortal - Lusis (SS) 9.00
    Mortal - Fathom 8.00
    Michael James Murphy - The Chisel (SS) 8.00
    Mylon & broken Heart - Big World (SS) 10.00
    Neon Cross - 25.00 (their 1st Cd on Regency!)
    Nobody Special - Call it Whatever... (SS)
    rare cd 25.00
    Larry Norman - The Best of.. (import) trade only!
    - Footprints in the Sand (SS) trade
    - A Moment in Time (SS) trade
    - One Way -"The songs of Larry Norman" SS 11.00
    (this is a various artist CD!)
    OJO - Relative (SS in long box!) 20.00
    Ben Okafer - Generation ( original import
    CD not REX label!) NEW! 7.00
    Jerome Olds - Eyes of Common Man 4.00
    Michael Omartian - White Horse/Adam Again ( 2 LP's
    on one cd!) Old timers - do you remember these??
    Great Jesus Music tunes! (SS) 16.00
    One Bad Pig - The Quintessential.. (SS) 9.00
    One Bad Pig - Swine Flew Bid/trade
    Out Of Darkness - Celebration Club Sessions
    (NEW!) Import (Jimmy Hendrix sound!) trade
    Out of the Grey - Diamond Days 6.00
    Paramaecium - original release from Australia!
    (not REX!) NEW 10.00

    Petra - Captured in Time & Space 8.00
    Petra - Wake up Call 6.00
    Phil & John - Reunion of Heart (SS) 8.00
    Leslie Phillips - The Turning (SS) 40.00
    Leslie Phillips - Black and White World 30.00
    Prayer Chain - 4 song "live" CD! (SS) trade
    Prayer Chain - Mercury (SS) 10.00
    Precious Death - southpaw 5.00
    Dennis Preston - Toys from Hell (indie w/
    various styles) GREAT art cover!! 10.00 (SS)
    Q-Stone - Pink on Blue (import!) 14 songs 13.00
    Radioactive Hits - sampler w/LSU, Fluffy,
    Breakfast w/Amy, etc.. (SS) 15.00
    Rez - Innocent Blood (SS) 10.00
    Rosannas Raiders - Clothed in Fire 5.00
    Randy Rose - Sacrificium 7.00
    Ricky Ross - So Long ago (UK import!) SS 15.00
    Saint - Times End 50.00
    Saint - Too Late for Living 40.00
    Scarlet Rayne - Theatre Humanitarian (indie 1990! SS) trade
    Scarlet Red - Dont Dance w/Danger (SS) $15.00
    Steve Scott - Lost Horizon 7.00
    77's - Drowning with land... (SS) 10.00
    77's - Pray Naked (SS) 11.00
    Shout - It won't be Long (SS) 15.00
    Siloam - Sweet Destiny (SS) 7.00
    Slava Compilation - Voice of People (SS)
    w/Wigtop, Exegesis, Love Assembly,
    Icon Tack and other unknown bands! 25.00
    Michael W. Smith - The Wonder Years '83-'93 BOX SET!
    Very nice box set w/2 cd's and booklet! SS
    This is out of print now. 35.00
    Split Level - Call Me White.. (NEW) 15.00
    - Boomerang (NEW) 15.00
    - View of a World (NEW) 15.00
    Spring 91 Compilation - various artist cd w/Vector -
    "I Burn Myself Away", Stevie & the Saints, Larry Norman-
    "I Wish we'd all been ready", 2nd Chance, etc..
    The Stand - Heartbreak Town 6.00
    Bjorn Stiggson - Together w/Freinds SS 20.00
    Randy Stonehill - Wild Frontier (SS) bid/trade
    Stormy Pudding - independent CD (folk rock!)
    (SS) 8.00
    Michael Sweet - same (SS) 9.00
    Michael Sweet/Nouveaux - 2 song PICTURE CD! Songs are "Tomorrow Tonight"
    by Michael and "Holding my Own" by Nouveaux 10.00
    Sweet Comfort Band - same (1st CD!) 20.00

    Swirling Eddies - Let's Spin Bid/trade
    Swirling Eddies - Let's Spin (a few minor scuffs on CD,
    but should play perfect) $16.00
    The Swoon - same (SS) 1990 trade/bid
    Ken Tamplin - Soul Survivor (SS) 8.00
    Dr. Edward D. Taylor - Miracle Faith Telethon
    (a few minor scuffs on CD but should play perfect) 16.00
    Terry Taylor - Knowledge & Innocence 9.00
    Steve Taylor - I Predict 1990 (SS) 18.00
    T-Bone - Redeemed Hoodlum (SS) 6.00
    2 CD's in a metal can!! Cd's are: "12 before 9"
    and "Era of Condolence"! (SS) trade
    The Throes - 12 Before 9 7.00
    Tonio K - Romeo Unchained (SS) 30.00
    Tonio K - Notes from Lost Civilization
    this is the version w/extra song,
    "What Women Want"! Bid/Trade
    Tony Rossi Band - TRB (ex Daniel Band!) SS 7.00
    Torn Flesh - Crux of Mosh (SS) 30.00
    Twelfth Night - Fact & Fiction (SS) $20.00
    Undercover - 3/28/87 "live" bid/trade
    Undercover - Vol 1 ("Undercover" and "God Rules")
    2 original LP's on one cd! 20.00
    Vector - Temptation (SS) 10.00
    Vector - Simple Experience (SS) 12.00
    Veil - Mr. Sunshine (SS) 9.00
    Vengeance Rising - Once Dead (SS) 10.00
    Vigilantes of Love - Driving the Nails 20.00
    Vincent - same 4.00
    Matthew Ward- Toward Eternity (SS) 11.00
    The Wayside - Play, Dreams & Imitation SS 10.00
    White Metal Warriors - sampler import cd with:
    7th Angel, Stairway, Lazarus, Maverick. Trade only!
    Whitecross - same 8.00
    Whitecross - At their Best (SS) 10.00
    Wish for Eden - Pet the Fish (SS) 9.00
    XT - same 4.00

    These are just some of the CD's I have. If you have a "want list",
    send it to me.

    "SS" means still sealed. NEW means open but never played.
    All others are pre-owned CD's (Used but not abused!).


    Some CD's I need are:

    Larry Norman - Upon This Rock, Larry Norman - White Blossoms,
    Savior Machine - original custom CD!, Rev. Army of Jesus -
    "Mirror", IDEOLA, IMPORT CD's!, Saint - any CD!, Messiah Prophet - any
    CD!, DC Talk - "Lean on Me" promo CD, Leon Patillo CD's, Amy Grant -
    "Gold promo CD!", Swirling Eddies - 1st 2 CD's, Geoff Moore - The
    Distance, Keaggy Promos, Prayer Chain - Neverland Sessions, etc...

    Also...( on LP!)

    Water into Wine Band - Harvest Time LP (UK)
    will trade a few CD's for this one!
    Earthen Vessel - custom LP (70's)US
    will trade a bunch of CD's for this!!
    Vindication - custom (70's) LP US
    Will trade a BIG bunch of CD's for this too!

    Hi John, do you have a few minutes to tell me about how and where you found those MESSIAH LP's you found and how long ago was that? Just interested to hear like how you found them, was it another collector that didn't know how rare they were? Did you
    find like a full box just sitting in a storage shed or something? I'm just curious that's all, no need for names or addresses, not why I'm asking. I just think it's cool that there still are "gems" like this stored away somewhere without most others
    knowing what they got or what they found!?!? Thanks for your time and I do appreciate you reading this. I look forward to your reply. You can email me at; mongoose2225@gmail. com. Take care!

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