• Some MWS Song Questions

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    Oh wow. Thank you so much for sharing about your sister. I’ve always loved that song, since it was released. Later in my life, in 2010, my best friend died suddenly and that song took on a new, more personal meaning for me. I lost another good friend
    suddenly in 2017. Again, when I hear ‘I hear Leesha”, I hear the reassurance of my friends in heaven. That song just came on (June 3, 2019) and for the first time I wondered if Leesha was a real person. Google brought me here, and I saw your comment.
    Thank you for sharing, again.

    ~ Joey

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    Can't get enough of Live the Life. I love "Missing Person". I'm so
    glad it's the first track!

    Anyway... the last song on the Live the Life CD, "Hello, Good Bye",
    talks about this Noah, who, based on the inscription, lived 2.5 days.
    Who is he?

    This also got me curious about the people he specifically sang about
    in the past. For instance:
    Emily ("Emily")
    Rebecca ("Old Enough to Know")
    Leesha ("I Hear Leesha")
    Could someone tell me who these people are and the story behind them?

    One more: on which album can I find the song with these lines (I
    "My silent eyes can tell,
    That You're alive and well"
    I think the song is called "Move in Me", but I'm not sure.


    Back in the late 80's...when I was just out of High School, I read a book MWS wrote. In it, he talked about the song Emily (which I first heard at a 1986 concert of his). The song was written for a girl who had written him about the peer pressure she
    felt and her inadequacies she felt she had.

    His music has always been very personal. Even his first album really just touched you in those little trouble spots we all have and spoke to you.

    Blessings on him for his work to bring the Gospel to so many.

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