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    Props,& Much Respect, to the bearer of the Facts.That is to say, the Real Deal, the Dope, the Skinny...the Truth. I Love PETRA,& All incarnations of said. Blessed 🙏 to be backstage, On Stage more precisely, in '98, Corpus Christi during the PETRA
    PRAISE 2 tour. I'll Never forget that, for no particular reason that I could figure, my gf was being a class a...No, make that a class aaa beeyotch,yaio meen? Anyway, I was puzzled, & honestly, crushed.lol..smh, I had gotten the band, other than John
    Schlitt, to sign Her Concert tee with a Sharpie and thought everything went swimmingly well. I mean Free, Backstage Passes to see what I consider one of the band's best incarnation's Live performance of the New PETRA PRAISE 2 CD in an open air venue. It
    was Awesome, looking out over the crowd and seeing friends. And ever the opportunist, I stealthily, positioned the gf, & myself just in the line of vision of a handful of local musicians, whom I recognized, but hadn't priviledged to meet, or manage to
    get an audience with, as I was blessed to have been involved myself, in the Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend, live music scene, as a lead vocalist, fronting a handful of band's ranging from Classic Rock, Original Texas Rock & Roll, Country, & Classic,
    Country & Western,& thanks to my Purposely planned exposure while on stage, one of the above mentioned guitarists at the PETRA concert, I was soon, out front of an Original, Christian Rock band composed of some of the best former secular musicians in the
    area, and like I said, I was so blessed that they allowed me to handle their vocals. We managed to create some good music, make some fun appearances locally, and I spent so much time in the studio while recording a CD of our own Original Songs. Though
    we were offered a Stateside tour, of course, the logistics didn't work out as three of the members were married, so it failed to transpire. God was then, & is still in charge. Anyway, there's my PETRA story+ lol. God bless 🙏 you all.

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