• The 10 Worst Christian Songs Ever Recorded

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    I don't see how any list could have excluded
    "Grape, Grape Joy" by Amy Grant!

    : 7. "Get Saved" - (i have no idea)
    : I don't know who recorded this song, but the rewritten version of Eric
    : Clapton's "Cocaine" is thoroughly embarrassing to listen to. What was the : point of this song anyway? To prove that we can "Christianize" everything? : And the screaming crowd approval only makes things worse.

    No, you missed the entire point of it all! The point was to HAVE FUN.
    The record was recorded by "Bobby Dee and the Scam" (basically, Bob
    DeMoss) with special guest vocals by (believe it or not) James Ward. The screaming crowd noise was a church youth group (friends of mine, as a
    matter of fact).

    It was a *NOVELTY* record. The flip-side of the single was one of those "interview" type recordings which several people did late-70s/early 80s.
    The interviewer asked questions and the answers were snippets from popular songs. (In this case, the interview was with Jonah and the songs were all CCM tunes.)

    Well said, Cheef Dan. That record WAS A BLAST! If "Get Saved" was "thoroughly embarrassing" I wonder how it ended up on the CCM Magazine Rock Chart at #7. Just sayin . . . no accounting for taste, eh? Years later the Apologetics mimicked what Bobby Dee
    had done and created album after album of parody songs. Maybe Bobby Dee and the Scam was on to something after all!

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