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    Christian Music
    Quality Music at a Very Cheap Price
    HUGE Selection
    Assorted by type of music


    Brand New $10
    Blenderhead- Muchacho Vivo

    Used $8
    Pray For Rain
    PFR- Goldies Last Day
    PFR- Great Lengths
    Yonderboy- A Mission of Mercy

    Used As Store Demos $6
    Crux- Failure To Yield
    Black Cherry Soda- Grin
    Upside Down Room
    Everdown- Straining
    Quite City
    My Little Dog China- $the velvis carnival$
    REZ- Reach of Love
    Fear Not
    Allies- The Light Years
    Clash of Symbols- Sunday is an Altogether Different Proposition
    Yum Yum Children
    Neon Cross- Torn
    Reflescent Tide
    Extremely Loud Guitar Disc- Whitecross, Stryper, Bride, Shout, X-Sinner, Holy Soldier,
    Tourniquet, Guardian, Vengeance, Bloodgood, Believer, One Bad Pig, and Novella
    Demo-lition II- Mr. Bishops Fist, Crucifix, Argyle Park, Neocelt, Slide, Thorn Crown, Nina &
    Out of Egypt, Leader Dogs For the Blind, Rivot, Klank, Scapegoat, and Velocipede
    Sweet Family Music "A Tribute To Stryper"- Steve Hindalong, Morella's Forest, Klank,
    Cricket, Havalina Rail Co., Dinner Mint Featuring Jesse Sprinkle, Argyle Park, Grammatrain,
    Combat Chuck, Ghoti Hook, Echoing Green, The Blamed, Aleixa, Joe Christmas, Fluffy Featuring
    Ralph Melish, Marriage Is Madness
    Hi!- Here's Our Compilation- FOME, The Furies, State of Grace, Terminal Generation, The
    Remnent, Moral Issue, Dear, HART, Mitch Dane, Jason Underground, Leslie Dupre' Grimaud,
    Cavu, The Threshing Floor, Statement of Faith, In Praise of Folly, Seven Day Jesus, Flipside, Jason
    UndergroundBlenderhead- Muchacho Vivo


    Brand New $10
    Resolution- Politically Incorrect
    Used $8
    Carman- The Standard
    Steven Curtis Chapman- Heaven in the Real World
    Used As Store Demos $6
    Omartian, Pratt, and McClain...Like Brothers
    Roby Duke- Bridge Divine
    Tom McCain- Closer to Home
    John Andrew Schreiner- Pathway Through the Wilderness
    Allison Kile- Walk the Talk
    Linda Richards- Unchained Heart
    Dennis Wilson- I Can't Live Without You
    The Brothers- R.P.M.
    Kelly Garner- Confession of Love
    Lisa Kellogg- Rising Above
    Brian Free & Assurance- Things that Last Forever
    Michael James Murphy- The Chisel
    Janet Paschal- Journey of Grace
    Brent Lamb- No Excuses, No Regrets
    Gotee Nite Out
    Michael Anderson- Love is the Hard Part
    Pam Thum
    Al Denson- Do You Know this Man?
    Rex Carroll- The Sessions
    De Garmo & Key- To Extremes
    Acappella Contemporary Classics
    Paradigm- The Greatest Praise and Worship Choruses
    Paradigm- A Tribute to the Hits of Michael W. Smith
    Paradigm- A Tribute to the Hits of Amy Grant
    Opening Acts- Sixteen Wonderfully New Flavors: J. Alan West, Paul Middleton, Message,
    Dianne Lavell, Jamey and Jennifer, Lori Willcuts, K.C., Deborah Anderson, Frank C., David
    Teems, Jody Jarrett, Visions, C.J. and Friends, Angelic Host, Sandy Jones, LD Cirilo


    Used $8
    LPG- The Earth Worm
    Used As Store Demos $6
    Donald Johnson- Pass Me Not
    Private Boyz- Check Da Flava
    For the Gospel- Fishing for Men
    Uneek- Striving
    Barry G- Rugged Witness
    Fred Lynch- Gimmie Tha Planet
    FAZE- Just Tryin Ta Stay Up
    e-rock da mad man- JesuSmoke
    LPG- The Earth Worm
    1Way- Destination Unknown
    DOC- Pullin' No Punches
    Disciple of Christ- Righteous Funk


    Used as Store Demos $6
    Dr. Mattie Moss Clark Presents The C.O.G.I.C. National Music Choir
    Gospel Greats- Kingdom
    The Ingram Gospel Singers- Make My Heart Your Home
    Rev. Melvin Dawson & Genesis Ensemble- Messages of Hope
    Byron Cage & Purpose- Dwell Among Us
    Donald Vails- A Sunday Morning Songbook
    Steve Middleton- Praises From the Soul
    Mike & Gina- God's Been Good
    Sam Baker- No Love Cost
    Old Time Gospel Strings
    Terry Garmon- Stand For Something
    Charles Johnson & The Revivers- We Cannot Stand Alone
    Pilgrim Jubilees- Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
    Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers- Somebody's Gotta Do Something
    The Golden Gate Quartet- Swing Down, Chariot
    Tressa Boles
    Minneapolis Gospel Sound- Put a Handle On It
    True Spirit Ensemble- Don't Give Up...Hold On
    Willie Davis- Let's Come Together
    David Curry, Jr. & The Curry Family- Chosen
    Watson- Hold On to Your Loved One
    Yvette Flunder & C.O.R.P.E.- There's Power
    The Mississippi Seminar Choir- God Didn't Create Me To Fail
    Soulful Hearts- Inspirations of Hope
    The Sisters of Glory- Good News in Hard Times
    Hit Songs: Southern Gospel Volume 1
    All Time Southern Gospel Hits Collection: 20 All Time Greats- The Statesmen, The
    Stamps Quartet, The Masters Five, The Kingsmen, The Rebels Quartet, The Blackwood Brothers,
    The Rambos, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Lefevres, The Speer Family
    A Tribute to Rosa Parks- Oleta Adams, Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ, Yolanda
    Adams, John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir, Sounds of Blankness, Daryl Coley,
    Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Virtue, Chosen, Richard Smallwood & The Smallwood Singers, The
    Freedom Soldiers
    Essential Gospel 2cd's $12- L.A. Mass Choir, The Christianaires, Kim McFarland, Allen &
    Allen, Calvin Bernard Rhone with L.A. Mass ChoirDr. Mattie Moss Clark Presents The C.O.G.I.C.
    National Music Choir


    Used As Store Demos $6
    Homecoming Mountain Music
    Ozark Mountain Sunday
    Ozark Mountain Hymns
    Appalachian Memories- Rock of Ages
    Mighty Clouds of Joy- Memory Lane- Best Of
    Holli and Christi Banks- Echoes of Love (Duo Harps)
    Willow Creek Music- A Place to Call Home
    Paul Madden- Walks On Water

    Worship Songs

    Used As Store Demos $6
    Worship in the Spirit Series- Lift God Up
    Worship in the Spirit Series- God of All Glory
    Worship in the Spirit Series- Warriors of Worship
    The Breath of God II
    Bethal Praise- War in the Heavenlies
    Come Together- A Worship Experience
    Bethal Praise- We Need to Hear From YouUsed As Store Demos $6


    Used As Store Demos $6
    A Cowboy's Prayer- Under the Western Sky
    Dennis Agajanian- There is a Road
    Mark & Sherry Willhoite- Walk Across Texas
    Lenny LeBlanc- All My Dreams
    The Statler Brothers- Radio Gospel Favorites
    A Nashville Sunday Mornin'- Original Christian Country: Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Kris
    Kristofferson, George Jones, Connie Smith, Oak Rigde Boys, Barbara Mandrell, Marty Robbins,
    Ray Price, The Statler Brothers


    Used $8
    Ray BoltzThe Concert of a Lifetime
    Used As Store Demos $6
    R.E.A.L.- Real Blessings
    Crystal Gayle- Someday
    Buddy Greene- Minstrel of the Lord
    Steve Brock- On Jordan's Banks
    Mehler/Nash- Shine On
    Phillip Sandifer- Arizona Highway

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