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    Someone at my school played a CD for me by the band Nine Inch Nails and
    I couldn't believe some of the lyrics. This band is apparently quite pop- ular too. There was one song called _Heresy_ which truly lived up to it's name. Some of the words just blew me away. such as:
    "Your God is dead, and no one cares, If there is a Hell, I'll see you there." I cannot believe such music is even allowed to be sold. I then realised
    that the bands name was probably a reference to the nails used to crucify Jesus on the Cross. I actually own their earlier album called 'Pretty Hate Machine' but it is entirely different, hardly even an obscenity. Is anti- Christian music this popular? Has it been increasing? What can we do?

    With Faith-

    Wrong. Music should not be censored. And nine inch nails has nothing to do with the length of the nails that were used to crucify jesus.

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