• Jesus Northwest

    From johannadickerson1@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Ronald Sharp on Sat May 26 14:44:31 2018
    On Wednesday, July 20, 1994 at 8:17:01 PM UTC-7, Ronald Sharp wrote:
    Going to the Jesus Northwest this Fri-Sat-Sun. A great event every year
    in Washington. Petra, Whiteheart, DC Talk... Great speakers (Josh
    McDowell) etc. Brief prayer request... that my wife and I are drawn
    closer together at this event in the arms of Christ. We're in the midst
    of some difficulties, but nothing the Lord and two obedient children
    can't make it through. Again, your prayers would be priceless. My
    love's name is Susan. I'll jot back about how the concerts went. Thanks.

    Did you make it through, Ronald? Are you and Susan still together?

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