• List of Christian Jazz Musicians

    From gfking@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 9 11:48:23 2018
    Carlos Santana has spoken and shared many times in a way that seemed he was a Christian artist. I have read things he posted on FB and other places that lead me to believe that.

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  • From brendacravenministries@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 6 21:07:17 2019
    I am a Child of God who happens to write and compose jazz instrumentals. I also have a few pieces out with vocals as well. I call my music inspirational because that’s what it does...it inspires and it is relaxing. I am an independent artist and not
    mainstream, but if you would
    like to add me to your list, you can reach me through my website at brendacravenmelody.com. Thanks!

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  • From ladoyvis@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jul 14 04:50:15 2020
    Kirk Walum
    George Duke
    Eric Marenthal
    Ben Tankard
    Larry Carlton

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  • From Kyle j.D.@21:1/5 to Ronald E. Graham on Sun Nov 15 05:46:29 2020
    Ronald E. Graham wrote:

    I like Chuck Mangione, just like lots of folks. But I think sometimes you guys are reaching, just to get names to fill out a list. Here are several competent Christian jazz artists I posted once before, who did not make any list, and are not a reach:
    James Vincent
    Fletch Wiley
    James Ward
    Jeff Johnson
    Andrae Crouch
    Bob & Pauline Wilson (and Seawind)
    Phil Keaggy has done *some* jazz, and whenever he does it, it's all competent and all Christian.
    I guess Phil Driscoll and Koinonia are on just about everybody's list.
    And, for the benefit of those who have not looked into this one, the artist that IMPO is the finest Christian jazz artist today:

    Paul Clark!!!!!
    "I wish all the Lord's people were prophets, and had his Spirit on them!"
    - Moses, in Numbers 11:29

    Most people write their lists with the best, obvious choices at the top, but Jesus said the first will be last, and here we see it. ;)

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