• Amy Grant and satan (or Re: I couldn't beleive this..)

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    I hope that got the attention of as many of you as possible!!

    This is pertaining to the book that I complained about quite some time ago and promised you all I would find more information on it. Well, I finally found it at a library after much searching so that I could give everyone
    as complete of information as possible.

    The Devil's Disciples: The Truth About Rock by Jeff Godwin not only
    works against "secular" rock, wich is certainly debateable as seen on this b-board, but against artists such as Amy Grant and M.W. Smith as well.
    If you are a christian, and have felt the power of God flow through these
    and many other christian rock artisit's music, I STRONGLY URGE you
    to write this man. I fully believe that without this music, many more
    _will_ be lost to the real devil's deciples.

    I unfortunately do not have the second volume as well that has direct statements against these artists. This first album does speak out against Stryper directly (please note that this was _before_ the latest album)
    and "Christian-rock" (his quotes, not mine). A few quotes:

    p.288 Chap. 11 "Rocking for Jesus"
    "There's one very simple test for Christians to use to determine what is and what is not Godly music: Could you play that music as part of the Sunday morning worship service without offending God? I don't care if
    it's Rock, Christian Rock, Country or Contemporary, if the music can't
    fit comfortably into Sunday morning worship, then it's not worth playing
    at all.
    If such music cannot be used to praise the King, then why are you listening to it?
    Is Christian-Rock more dangerous than secular Rock & Roll? My answer is yes. It's more deadly because it's disguised, and pulling blindfolds
    over Christian eyes is something in which Satan delights."

    Ok. ok. I'm okay now, I think I can type again.

    I'm not going to even respond to this now. I think it's kind of plain that either A)This guy is royally messed or B) He's a blessed man to know what kind of musical style God is not offended by.

    I choose A.

    I will be sending more detailed info to those that requested it earlier, and I would be more than happy to answer any other questions about this book
    or even transcribe whole sections of text if you want quotes.

    You can find Mr. Godwin at:
    Jeff Godwin
    The Rock Ministries
    P.O. Box 2181
    Bloomington, IN 47401
    ..........................and like I said, if
    you want more info, don't
    hesitate to ask. I will be posting more neat quotes on the b-board from time to time.


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    righteousness He doth judge and make war. Rev. 19:11

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    The Devil's Disciples: The Truth About Rock by Jeff Godwin

    My thought is has this person removed Chapter 14 of Romans
    from his Bible?

    Knowing his feelings about musical styles, I'd certainly not
    play Christian music from this century in his presence, but
    he has the Very Word of Scripture that he has no business
    passing judgement on what other Christians listen to.

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