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    << Include a specific reference (1), in order to support
    << your stupid claim that Larry has "inconsistent statements" in the blue book.

    OK. I'll play along. Here is one fer instance. Like I have said before,
    there are tidbits of truth to Larry's statements. . . thus the precarious nature of a half-truth. The problem is that the sentences make him sound
    more important than he really was, some would accuse him of being self-aggrandizing. I, for one, get edgy when I read anything that sounds fishy. . . and don't find any real dilemma in pointing them out.

    Citation taken from the liner notes of the CD "Remembering the Future"
    volume 2 of the Rock Revival series. This is from an article that Larry
    wrote called "The Jesus Movement: Singing a New Song"

    "Years later, I started a Bible study in my own home which grew into over
    300 Vineyard Fellowship Churches, as has Calvary Chapel churches"

    Fact: The origin of the Vineyard began with Kenn Gulliksen who initiated
    the initial Bible study in the home of Chuck Girard. Later on, Larry
    offered the use of his house for another Bible study of which he attended only 2 of the 6 meetings that took place there. Larry's home, as was Girard's, was one of thirteen Bible studies that eventually amalgamated
    into the first Vineyard fellowship. Larry's role at the Vineyard was
    nominal at best, but the statement doesn't come out that way.

    How does a man that attended only two Bible study meetings out of the probably thousands that took place between 1973 and the time that the Vineyard reached 300 churches have the audacity to make a statement like
    the one I quoted?

    What I don't get is the need to be more important that you are. Isn't it enough to be recognized as one of the pioneers of Jesus music. Does everything you touch necessarily have to be larger than life?

    Your volley Bobbo. . . (if that is your real name)


    And yeah I always had my address posted for anyone to contact me. Come by and visit. Why would anyone even say something that stupid?

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    : : According to "On Being" magazine the story is like this :

    : You call this a reference????? According to "On Being" is a reference???

    Of course it is. At least it's a place to start, which is BETTER than anything I'm hearing from those trying to disprove things Larry has
    said. Shucks, if I remember distinctly reading something, AND DON'T
    HAPPEN TO HAVE THE INFORMATION ON HAND (as though any of us can put our hands on 1/10th of the stuff we remember!!) I'M STILL going to tell people about it, just IN THE NAME of getting correct information across.

    Bob. . . How are we supposed to take you seriously? You wish correct information and then you turn around and want us to use a source that is obviously biased. Larry wrote everything that is in 'On Being.' It was an insert to one of his albums. That is a terrible place to start. 'On Being'
    is not history. . . it is just plain narcissism.

    3) Be AN ACCURATE REPORTER OF HISTORY!!!!! (That's what historians are known
    for, INCLUDING those who WROTE THE BIBLE!)

    One criteria for being "an accuarte reporter of history" is to take into consideration the bias of the source. No historian worth his salt would
    use something so skewed towards justification of Larry's idiosyncracies as 'On Being.'

    "You want truth. . .you can't handle the truth"
    Jack Nicholson from 'A Few Good Men'


    Said the man who used purely anecdotal stuff to do a hit piece basically. Remembering that 'gripe' list that Larry answered every single item on..including David's claim that he'd written "Pardon Me" about Pamela to which Larry answered "Uhh that's
    interesting David, because I copyrighted that song a year before I met Pamela" or like that. haha. Looking back as some people were bringing up things...and seeing if I can still post to this thread....21 years later

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