• FREE complete set of jigs to make Benedetto archtop jazz guitars

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    On Monday, 2 July 2012 20:20:07 UTC-3, BobGaffney wrote:
    I've just completed making 2 beautiful archtop jazz guitars, according to plans and instructions from Bob Benedetto, master archtop luthier. I think they turned out well: scroll down the top blog at http://bobsarchtop.blogspot.com/ znd see for yourself.
    I'm ill, and unlikely to make any more of these.
    In the course of making these guitars, I have made literally dozens of specialized jigs for holding, carving, routing, clamping, securing, cutting sll the parts. Look through the blog and you;ll see them all. I spent about 30% of my time making these
    I'm offering these jigs at no cost to a person who wants to make a Benedetto jazz guitar - they will be a huge help.
    The only provisos are that 1) You need to come here to pick them up, and 2) You need to spend about 1-2 hours letting me talk you through what they are.  I'm in Whately, MA in Western Massachusetts, just north of Northampton.
    If you'd like to discuss, please call me at (413) 665-9579 or reply through this post.
    - Bob Gaffney

    Hi Bob,
    I just came across your posting about the guitar jigs and not knowing if you have given these away,I thought I would contact you .I'm in the process of gathering the wood,organizing my shop for a build,( Benedetto),etc. If the jigs have gone to a "new"
    home,then maybe the paper plans might be available !
    Email me at locostbuickv6@gmail.com.
    Thanks !

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