• Classical music's new common practice- article

    From CSA Jason Gross@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 31 20:38:56 2019
    Dear RMCC group

    A friend of mine wrote this article that I hope might be of interest to you:

    As principle and poetics by Daniel Barbiero
    "For a significant current in contemporary composed and improvised music, new instrumental performance practices, and the compositional possibilities they open up, all stand as something like a contemporary analogue of the old common practice of tonal
    harmony. I would like to extend this idea and suggest that these practices are more than a collection of techniques, as important as that may be in itself, but constitute something like a creative principle for contemporary music. Seeing this requires us
    to step back a moment and take a broader perspective--one that comes from abstract visual art."


    Best wishes,
    Jason Gross

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