• Return Of The R&B Soul Bands!

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    KLYNTEL (KLY-N-TELL) is an R&B/Soul & Fusion Instrumental band from Seattle.

    YES an actual BLACK band! From Fusion Jazz to Soul and Hip Hop Klyntel prides themselves on musicianship.

    Fronted by vocalist Todd Brown & Kristyna Hope, these two remind you of the "not so long ago" groups like "Koffee Brown" and "Damien Dame"

    Accompanied by songwriter and founder D. Fernandez Lockhart and Music Director and bassist Marvin Shields Jr. they make up the other half of the production team.

    "We want to bring back a reason for people to come out and see a live show, like it was back in the day when E.W.F. (Earth, Wind & Fire) put it down" says the band's

    leader & songwriter D. Fernandez Lockhart

    The band's latest single, "(Girl) You're Killin' Me" which is available for purchase on the band's website and major streaming services is reminiscent of R&B from the

    early 2000's, like Joe's "I'm In Luv" and Jaheim's "Hey How Ya Doin" but with a 2016 twist.

    Formed 8 years ago as a jam band, the band had some international buzz with their first live recording "Uninhibited: The Groove Collective" but after a few years they

    soon added vocalist, Todd Brown who is the cousin of band leader, D. Fernandez Lockhart and began to play gigs around Seattle.

    As their popularity grew, 4 years into the bands inception they then added Canadian songstress, Kristyna Hope to the lineup and the rest has been history. The band

    continues to finish up their much anticipated release, "Klyntelligence" a compilation of singles due out the 4th quarter of 2016.

    Klyntel has opened and backed legacy acts such as Miles Jaye, Glenn Jones & Club Noveau as they use these opportunities to continue to gain exposure to those who miss

    what R&B used to be.

    These guys are no newbies to the industry either. Todd has worked with Grammy Award songwriter's Narada Michael Walden, Ben Ross and was signed to M.C. Hammer's "Bust

    It Records" & a small stint at Death Row.

    He also developed and honed his vocal, songwriting & production skills with Motown in the early 90's.

    You can learn more about where and what the band is up too by visiting their website www.klyntel.com or simply Google them or visit any of the major social media


    Klyntel, one to watch for.

    Website: http://www.klyntel.com

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