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    It has been only a few weeks that the big idea of bringing back the sounds of the 80's on a compilation series was brought up at a staff meeting at Bongo Boy Records HQ in Belvidere, NJ. A&R Director Gar Francis suggested putting out a calling for Big
    Hair Bands and see if any would have original recordings from the 80's to submit to Bongo Boy Records for consideration to be included on Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One.

    Marketing and Business development manager Monique Grimme went to work with her creative team to create a super deal for recording artists that made such recordings and are looking for opportunities to bring their previous recorded or recent released
    songs to an active record label that not only distribute but also promotes.

    Offered with a DIY sponsorship the deal mother lode of promotions including Radio and Television campaigns, Reviews, Press Release and Worldwide digital distribution with downloads and streaming including Asia and Africa.

    Bongo Boy Records reached out via Facebook and Twitter and asked their current artists if they had music. What do they say: build and they will come. Well they did. Over the last 8 weeks submissions came in from all over the world.

    This July Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One will be release and this release is like an original Rock Opera. The 11 songs presented on this release are big with guitar riffs that are totally cool, the vocals are out of this world and the drums will make
    your neighbors relocate. You will be pleasantly surprised as each song not only makes Bongo Boy Records proud but also the 80's is very well presented here. There is a warning sign on this release: you can only play it LOUD.

    Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One leading track was original released on 45- vinyl in 1987 and re-mastered to digital format today with the professional services by G&J Audio. Another song survived a house fire and a divorce and is proudly presented here
    on Volume One. WOW ! Plus this release also has some wonderful music producers like David Rosenthal and Jim Bonnefond. Awesome!

    If you are asking yourself if 80's music is still sounding as good as it did when you were hitting the clubs and concerts on the weekends; listen to Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One and let us know. You will be pleasantly surprised. Official release
    date 7.5.16 in Asia and 7.12.16 Worldwide.

    About Bongo Boy Records:
    The independent record label is making a big impact with their compilation releases which also includes Backroom Blues Volumes, Out Of The Garage Volumes, Gnarly Wave Volumes and their open genre compilations. In July Bongo Boy Records will launch the
    submission period for their Christmas Compilation and their County Music Volume series.
    To check out the current submissions visit www.bongoboyrecords.com
    Bongo Boy Records continues to add more promotions and distribution for their artists.

    In March this year Bongo Boy Records launched a 3 hour radio show which broadcast nonstop the music by Bongo Boy artists at least 2 times per day 7 days a week. Bongo Boy iSpin Radio Show is made possible through the radio network managed by Michael Nayt
    owner operator of New Visions Radio Network out of California. iSpin Radio is available worldwide via internet, their free Google Play and iPhone Apple App.

    Currently Bongo Boy Records is working out the details with well established Music Placement Company in Taiwan whom partnership can benefit all artists on Bongo Boy Records roster as their music will be presented to Advertising agencies in Asia. Bongo
    Boy Records takes their fiduciary responsibility to represent their artist's music very seriously and more details are come soon.

    If you are interested in joining Bongo Boy Records you can reach out via email info@bongoboyrecords.com or phone 908-455-1576
    Interested in submitting music for consideration submit@bongoboyrecords.com and include the name of the compilation.

    Official Web Page: https://bongoboyrecords.com/awesome-big-hair-bands-volume-one/
    UPC 686751362019 | ISRC: USPXQ | Release Date 7.5.16 ASIA | 7.12.16 WORLD

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