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    With the overwhelming omnipresence of the internet and everyone抯 love of music, information regarding radio airplay is priceless for anyone seeking to build their

    music brand. Radio airplay tracking is the perfect tool for any individual or company in the music industry to expand and reinforce their audience.

    DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc. is a private U.S. based firm that has developed a user-friendly platform which provides music clients with lucrative and creative

    marketing research initiatives. The company also provides insights that are personally designed to help music related companies all over the world drive profitable

    growth and expand to new heights.

    DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc., also known as DRT, is a premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring solution that tracks radio airplay of songs on over 5000+ radio

    stations around the globe. These stations are comprised of: Terrestrial FM (Commercial & Non-Commercial), College, Satellite as well as thousands of streaming Internet

    radio stations. DRT has customized an all-inclusive, superior tracking technology software that monitors radio airplay detection of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    and 365 days a year. This innovation is coupled with online real-time powerful and invaluable airplay information that is revolutionizing song tracking. This amazing

    technology requires no special encoding or finger printing. The system抯 unique database logs songs that are played on all the radio stations that DRT currently

    monitors. DRT captures the version of a song and records the date and time it抯 played. Other monitoring companies have never provided this level of information

    leaving clients unaware if a different version of their song(s) is played. DRT has filled this need within the music industry because its system is capable of

    detecting all versions of songs played. DRT抯 website also provides music charts of songs played on a national level for the current week for Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B,

    Country, Christian/Gospel, Rock and other genres of interest.

    揝uccess in the modern杇lobal-business arena means having the right tools to measure success, says DRT Joel Bachman. provide the right analytics to our clients for

    them to adequately assess their target audience, making it easier for them to plan their marketing campaigns and increase sales!
    As technology becomes even more prevalent in our life, new techniques are made available to exploit the opportunities presented. What DRT is able to accomplish for

    artists, record labels, publishers, booking agents, radio station programmers and businesses exclusively in the music industry is a huge step forward and will enable

    everyone to compete. DRT Reports are a valuable tool that any artist, record label, manager or anyone in the music industry can utilize to promote their radio airplay


    揙ne of DRT抯 mission is to give a voice to small radio stations, both online and small-market Terrestrial FM that would otherwise go unheard. DRT will continue to

    develop better solutions to help everyone in the music industry to achieve sustainable growth for their business and to develop a clear mission to combat the ultra-

    competitive marketplace! explains Mr. Bachman.

    Register for a FREE DRT Account: http://www.digitalradiotracker.com/drt-dev/register.php

    Rap music is Ghetto dreck!!!

    Uni :-)

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