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    Just heard on the radio a little while ago that Rod McKuen died today, age >>> 81. He wrote two big hit songs I utterly loathed, "Jean" and "Seasons In >>> The Sun."

    I can tolerate "Jean".

    I was actually surprised to learn he wrote "Seasons In The Sun"
    because I always assumed it was some translation from the French.

    Oh, okay, "Seasons In The Sun" *is* based on Jacques Brel's "Le Moribond." >>
    McKuen also took some writing credits on Brel's "If You Go Away" or
    whatever the original title was.

    I was most surprised several years ago to learn that McKuen was Dor of
    Bob McFadden & Dor, who put out The Mummy in 1959:


    He also had featured roles in the turgid r&r movie "Rock Pretty Baby"
    as long ago as 1956 and its equally underwhelming sequel "Summer Love"
    two years later (both alongside the then unknown Shelley Fabares)

    And who could forget his minor hit in 1961 with one of the true
    classics (NOT!) of the twist genre---the inevitable "Oliver Twist" and
    its sequel the following year "Oliver Twist Meets The Duke Of Oil"

    Thank you for the nice "The Mummy" from 1959.

    Rod McKuen had two nr.1 hits in The Netherlands in 1971:

    Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes

    Without A Worry In The World

    Top 40 Hitdossier:


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