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    We do have a latest issue of Perfect Sound to share but in this time of pandemic, we also want our readers to stay safe and be well. We have a resource page about how you can help musicians during this time and even how to help yourself and others as
    you stay inside: <http://www.furious.com/perfect/covid19music.html>

    In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever <http://www.furious.com/perfect/index0420.html>, you'll find (among other things):

    '70's singer-songwriter who helmed Whorehouse musical & kiddie TV special- by Kurt Wildermuth
    "More of a footnote in the farewells were Hall's two albums as a singer-songwriter: If I Be Your Lady and Beads and Feathers, released by Elektra Records in 1971 and '72 respectively. If you're a collector of folk-pop-rock LP's of the period, you may
    find these albums secondhand, maybe in a thrift store or used-record shop. That's the experience journalist Charles Donovan describes in his interview with Hall, done at the end of her life. In framing Hall's final statements on that period and her craft
    generally, Donovan made his heartfelt case for the world to revisit her two Elektra albums. To the best of my knowledge--and I mean no disrespect to Donovan--the world did not accept the invitation."

    'Unknown' guitar god gets his due- interview by Robin Cook
    "Randy Holden's Population II, released in 1970, is the work of an artist one step ahead of the curve. By the time he went into the studio to record the album, the guitarist was a veteran of such bands as The Other Half, Sons of Adam, and Blue Cheer.
    Population II is a sweeping, experimental work, and a crucial cornerstone in the evolution of hard rock/heavy metal. Or it would have been, if Holden hadn't become the umpteenth artist to become the victim of record industry politics. But there is a
    happy sequel: after decades away from music, Holden returned to playing, and Population II is being re-released this year."

    Red Rose Speedway, Wild Life revisited by Kurt Wildermuth
    "Is one of these McCartney-stirred cocktails necessarily more worthy of money and time, more valuable, more entertaining, more artistic, more anything than the other? By the same token, is McCartney's repetition of the phrase "hold me tight" less
    artistic than Young's repetition of "tonight's the night"? If so, why so? Just because the one's about love and the other's about death? If you can explain the differences to me, objectively, verifiably, in terms of aesthetic appreciation and not
    personal taste, I'm all ears."

    John Perry interview by John Wisniewski
    "Even if you don't think so, you know of Brit guitarist John Perry. In the mid-70's, he co-founded the punk band The Only Ones which produced the classic raver "Another Girl, Another Planet." He also worked with a huge roster of artists ranging from
    proto-punk Johnny Thunders to Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter to indie rock heart-throb Evan Dando to alt-country deity Alejandro Escovedo."

    We also have a Spotify playlist with most of the artists above here: <https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1lsZq4CctUyqAqHPYyooiA?si=0YkG9L5cQF6FPJpJ2yHTIw>

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