• Peter French (Atomic Rooster, Cactus, Leaf Hound) interview

    From Jason Gross@21:1/5 to All on Sun Dec 1 17:23:41 2019

    In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever <http://www.furious.com/perfect/index1219.html>, you'll find (among other things):

    PETER FRENCH interview by John Wisniewski
    Atomic Rooster, Cactus pedigree
    "In the short span of a few years ('68-'72), Peter French went through four groups including a stint with an original member of Fleetwood Mac plus heavy prog-sters Atomic Rooster, the even heavier rock of Cactus and the under-rated stoner-rock of Leaf
    Hound, now leading revived versions of Rooster and Leaf Hound."

    We also have a Spotify playlist with most of the artists above here: <https://open.spotify.com/playlist/32xJld7KmIK1BOhrPLVJ0A?si=PSD5FsIjTZWGdV_-p6qq-A>

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