• I found it!! I found it!!!!

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    Looks like sometime the general has to get out of his jeep and do something himself while his infantry charges are floundering about or just dickin' off!!!

    That jazzed up version of the MASH theme was a 1970 recording by Al De Lory and it charted in the US. Played quite often here in Knoxville.

    Al De Lory co-wrote "Mr Custer" for Larry Verne and played sessions piano on "Pet Sounds"

    Appreciate all your painstaking and gut-bustin' help there, Grossberg, Uni, Blumenthal, Ed Yorke, Speedo, etcetc.................

    Dennis C from Tennessee

    Here 'tis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNciEpZYC_E

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