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    On Sunday, October 19, 2003 at 10:05:25 AM UTC-7, Bob Radil wrote:
    This week's offering is the single edit of "Beginnings" by Chicago.

    It was first released as a single in late 1969(Columbia 4-45011), backed with a
    shortened "Poem 58"(3:49). Actually, it should have been titled "Poem 58(part 2)" since it starts at the bass solo following the long guitar solo. Although reaching the top 10 in New Haven, CT, it wasn't a hit nationally until its re-release in June 1971 and backed with "Colour My World", which was also a re-release, previously the flip of "Make Me Smile" in 1970.

    This version has been a favorite subject for discussion in the past. While the
    single version was only available in mono and never released on CD, here it is
    presented in stereo, in full CD quality minus a small loss of quality due to the conversion to MP3. It was edited using a CD source and an original 1969 single as the referance and using a method I developed a few years ago that allows me to exactly duplicate the original edit with millisecond accuracy. There are 11 edit points:


    These are referanced to the beginning of the file and not the beginning of the
    recording. I use a standard .3 sec of silence at the beginning of all audio files for proper CD burning.

    An email response with an MP3 attached is available to anyone making an email request. Keep in mind that the file is 3.5M.

    To prevent being deleted with all the reams of spam I receive, either put the song title in the subject line or click on the "email" link below which should
    automatically give you the subject line, "NewsgroupResponse".

    Bob Radil
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    Just listened to my copy..of course the last several edits were also repeats of the chorus..:-) Happy new year

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  • From The Bloomfield Bloviator@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jan 2 17:57:27 2018
    I already have the single edit in stereo. It's 2:45.

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