• Annie Haslam (Renaissance) interview, Can (Jaki Liebezeit) article

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    In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever music magazine <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com>, you'll find (among other things):

    Renaissance singer's world of art and design- interview by Robin Cook
    "In the first part of our extensive interview, I spoke to Haslam via phone about her artworks and how they were influenced by her decades long musical career and vice versa, along with stories of her background in design, the idea of instant karma, the
    impressive work she did on her own outfits for Renaissance, the amazing stage set-up's she's created for the recent Renaissance tour, her connections to Kate Moss, Shirley Bassey and the Beatles."

    Early years of the Can man- book excerpt by Jono Podmore
    "Years before he became the founding member of the legendary kosmische (kraturock) legends, Liebezeit groomed his skills outside of rock, including jazz, classical, African and Spanish music. This fascinating look into his formative early years can be
    found in a book by writer Jono Podmore, which is still in the funding stages."

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