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    Wreckshop Nation, known at the time of Big Moe's breakthrough as "Wreckshop Records," has compiled footage that provides insight into the life of one of the biggest names in southern hip hop. The documentary includes appearances by famous hip hop artists,
    along with friends and family of Big Moe, whose real name is Kenneth Doniell Moore.

    Even those who have not been exposed to Big Moe's music have more than likely heard his influence on the hip hop community through songs from other artists. Rappers like A$AP Rocky, Drake, and Young Thug have all drawn influence from the lyrical themes
    that Big Moe incorporated in many of his tracks. Big Moe is famously one who coined the term "rap-singing," a unique way of delivery that was essentially half rap and half singing.

    Before receiving national acclaim for his breakthrough singles Mann! and Barre Baby, Big Moe was well-known as a prominent member of the Screwed Up Click, a Houston-based rap collective led by the famed DJ Screw. DJ Screw would take existing tracks and
    drastically lower the pitch and tempo. The end result was an ambient, chilled-out song that members of the Screwed Up Click would rap over. Big Moe was particularly well-known for improvising soulful hooks and melodies.

    Special guests who appear in the documentary include Paul Wall, Tight Eyez, Lil Keke, and Chamillionaire among many others. Big Moe's friends and family also recount what he was like growing up, his rise to fame, and the impact he had on Houston's

    The documentary serves not only as a memorial for one of the most driving forces in the history of Houston hip hop, but also displays the positive impact that he provided to those around him.

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