• Viral Artist Bryson Morris Considered To Be The Next MattyB Of Hip Hop

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    Bryson Morris, a 14-year-old rapper from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, has solidified his breakthrough into the rap scene by releasing a music video for his first official song.

    The artist brings a high level of energy to the dark, brooding instrumental, which incorporates eerie church bells and orchestra hits. The ominous atmosphere of his music is sharply contrasted by the squeaky-clean vocal production; his voice cuts into
    the darkness like a beam of light.

    While the snare drum and hi-hat arrangements aren't much different from today's conventional rap, they don't need to be: Bryson Morris performs over the track with a professional amount of confidence and infectious energy.

    The rapper's lyrics discuss his flamboyant lifestyle, a topic common among contemporary artists in the industry. The video's affluent location parallels his lyrics about designer clothing and lavish jewelry. It is exceedingly difficult to take something
    that has been spoken about so many times and make it unique, but Bryson Morris seems to have no problem accomplishing this task. His tight lyrical flow and delivery are a testament to the time he commits to perfecting his sound.

    Bryson's Morris's #LOUISGUCCI has received several 5-star ratings, with one reviewer calling it "the hottest new song" they've heard from an upcoming artist, and multiple others encouraging Bryson to continue his passion and keep making music.

    Bryson Morris's #LOUISGUCCI music video has accrued over 100,000 views in under a week. His fan base is continually expanding and brimming with positive reception to his music. The artist's fans have shared that they are excited to follow along on his
    music journey and see where it takes him.

    YouTube Influencer, Rhino, published his review of the #LOUISGUCCI music video and had nothing but positive vibes to give being quoted as the next MattyB of hip hop; Watch the full review, click here: https://youtu.be/xYydyvflyxQ

    Bryson Morris began expressing his creative talent through music as early as age 11. Around this time, he independently engaged in research about the hip-hop scene and began formulating ideas to launch his career as an artist. As he honed his craft, he
    began to share his music with his classmates and followers on his social media accounts. When he was in seventh grade, one of his videos garnered over 28 million views, an outstanding number even by the highest industry standards.

    Bryson Morris's new website includes an online store where fans are able to buy hip hop clothing, which he anticipates will help him connect with fans as well as other artists. He plans to continue putting a lot of effort into his social media in order
    to share his sound with his listeners.

    To watch the official music video visit: http://brysonmorrischannel.com/

    Like, share, and comment using the hashtag, #LouisGucci and #BrysonMorris

    Check out Bryson's latest news, visit http://brysonmorris.com/

    To shop the Official Bryson Morris store, visit https://shop.brysonmorris.com/

    For press inquiries please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at 813-775-7107.

    About Bryson Morris
    Viral sensation, Bryson Morris began his career at an early age. Bryson became a budding Internet sensation, with a large following of fans discovering his sound through several social media platforms. In the 7th grade one of his debut videos reached 28
    million views, asserting him as the next young hip-hop sensation! Bryson Morris brings uniqueness to the music industry. Nobody in the market has a sound like Bryson Morris, as he is pioneering a new "off the path" sound that is different from what you
    hear today! Bryson is currently mixing a variety of new music in the studio to inspire and bring hope to his fans. For more on Bryson Morris and to check out his latest music visit http://brysonmorris.com/

    Video Link: https://youtu.be/WRhZFNHrT6c
    Behind The Scenes: https://youtu.be/nCnjyof0rp8

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