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    British blues icon John Mayall announced the postponement of his upcoming U.S. tour dates while he receives medical attention for pneumonia. The 84-year-old had been due to commence a run of appearances on May 30 in San Diego, ending on June 17 in
    Wichita, Kan., with a handful of further shows confirmed in August and September.

    “We are very sorry to announce that John Mayall has to reschedule his upcoming May/June shows due to needing continued medical care after a bout of pneumonia,” read a statement on his Facebook page. “For those of you who have bought tickets,
    refunds will be available where the tickets were purchased. John loves his fans and is sorry to disappoint you, but is looking forward to seeing you soon at a venue near you. In the meantime, your prayers and good vibes are much appreciated.

    Several of Mayall’s friends shared messages of support. “My mentor, ex boss and dear friend John Mayall is in the hospital,” Walter Trout wrote on Facebook. “He needs your prayers your thoughts and your positive energy. Mr. Mayall We love you and
    we are with you in this!” Rocky Athas said, “Please send prayers of healing positive thoughts for my former band leader, John Mayall, the Godfather of British Blues, to be on the mend and return to what he loves. We look forward to seeing him on
    stage again soon!”

    Last year, Mayall said he didn’t pay much attention to the music industry, but argued that the blues genre was in good shape. “It’s very evident that there will always be an interest,” he said. “Wherever I play, there are always young people in
    the audience. And there are many young musicians, especially guitar players around, who take up music very early and become very good very early on – much earlier than we did. There are 15-year-olds, 16-year-olds playing really-really good guitar for
    their age. Some are better than others, but the main point is that the interest is there.”

    Ray Arthur

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