• Crazy Early Impact of Beatlemania

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    As we all know The Beatles dominated North American charts in
    March of 1964 with a handful (and then some) of singles - all
    at the same time! But there was also a slew of artists along
    for the ride, just singing about The Beatles!

    Yeah, there were a bunch of anti-Beatles records then, too. Most
    of them seemed to involve the singer pretending he couldn't
    remember the name of the Beatles (either the group or the
    members) and I think all of them were awful. Don't know if any
    of them charted.

    "Curse you, Don Tickles, Notary Public!"

    The one anti-Beatles song I remember was Allan Sherman's "I Hate
    The Beatles".



    I just found it, Marcus.


    Here is the complete song:


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