• Warning about SC motorcycle dealership - Chris Crudup

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    HE IS WORKING OUT OF SOUTH FLORIDA NOW IN FORT MYERS and he is flipping bikes out of others people's names ILLEGALLY, and JUMPING TITLES.

    I know exactly where he is, his address, and everything !

    If you need more information please feel free to contact me. we can contact the police together

    Hey there in...Gradechasers.com,

    I believe this POS has been in contact with me trying to weasel a deal to lowball a bike trailer that I have listed 4sale on local CL. He's been a real Ahole and I won't permit this to fester.
    I have several of his phone #s (239) & (910) area codes that he has been responding with along with an email address. I am about ready to ride down & do a face2face with the turd so anything that you can offer as in addresses?? I will be most grateful.
    Funny because I did a Google search & there are plenty of negative listings found so this POS has left a trail of BS


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