• Tuning a DT 250 2 cycle Mikuni carburetor

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    Now that the engine starts, I need to get it running right.

    The Yamaha DT 250 Enduro starts and idles o.k. and the low rpm response is at best 'all right' . But when I crank on the throttle the bike just doesent pull like it should. At about 3500-4000 rpm the power band flattens out... feels like it's starving for fuel.

    Does anyone have the specs for initial setting for these 2 cycle carbs? Float setting, number of turns for idle and high speed jets. Techniques?

    Another symptom is that the plug fouls quickly. If I burn off the soot on the plug with a propane troch is starts instantly. But after just one or two runs the plug is again so fouled it wont start. Is there an adjsustment for richness?


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    DT 250 carb, needs a new o-ring flot bowl main jet leaking, causing rich mix, use small piece gas resistant tubing, also check injector, timing adjustment, new plug, new pilot jet too large, someone tampered with carburator

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