• Why is there 1 carb per cylinder when a car has one carb for multiple c

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    Some triumphs were 2cyls 1 carb and worked fine,some xpert said the high end speed was slightly reduced but the low end was like high octane poetically,oy had 2 such triumphs 67 tr6 and 75 tr7 both could do the tun,there is also the famous henderson
    police bike,4 cyls in forward line and 1 carb, sure if they the earthlings make ay multi carb with such swiss precission that singular adjusters cover all carbs with the same amount of adjustment then singular carbs on multi cyls wont matter,in
    conversions to 1 carb,what might be the best carb for the job ? Oy dont know,but if for example 1 carb is for 4 cyls ,the lenght of feed line for each cyl from the output of carb to the intake should be the same or inner volumn of line been the same
    might work,oy dont profess to know since other pedantics like port velocities were mentioned but bench test videos from real engineers might settle the issue*

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