• Frank's Hobby Shop (Calif.) -- What REALLY happened???

    From dozzerz@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 9 09:59:40 2017
    I had worked there part time when I was young. It was a fun place, however, Tony was there a lot of the time and he sometimes had me doing personal errands for him that were not really related to the shop etc. when Frank wasn't around like wash his car
    etc. In the shop, A lot of customers would buy radio controlled cars he would tell them he could have them built for a fee. Tony had me and some of the other young guys build these cars for the customers, he collected the money personally, outside of the
    store's knowledge giving us a part of for the building. Frank apparently had a policy against this (I didn't really know it was a rogue operation at first but Tony warned us to not tell anybody, especially Frank about the building of the cars) So he had
    me building cars on the side, it was great for someone who likes to do that, but he owed me money for the building of them that didn't get paid, and warned me not to mention any of it to Frank, which I didn't... During that time I wanted to buy an engine
    for a model airplane and he convinced me that there was a rare type, aside from the major brands and higher priced that was much faster and better etc. I wanted to try it and of course they didn't stock it so I paid for it ahead of time, on layaway. He
    apparently never put the order in because it never came ... he kept giving me different reasons about the suppliers etc. and I was waiting and waiting for the delivery that was never to come. It seems he just pocketed the money for it. Aside from that,
    at one point, he bet on a Superbowl against me it wasn't a huge but by some standards but it was maybe as big as my part time paycheck, however, he bet not only with me, I believe he may have bet a very significant amount of money on that particular game
    he took a LOT of bets ... you could hear him on the phone at work time booking them every day for a while. He ended up losing and once he lost all his bets he quickly made up some story to Frank and fired me, still owing me all the money, then he left
    town and he disappeared somewhere and nobody could seem to track him down. The money he owed me was probably a very small part of the total he owed others and I think he skipped out on everyone. I don't know how long it was before he came back but it was
    long after I had moved on. So apparently he came back at some point after that and ran the store into the ground because I believe the shop existed for maybe 10 years or more after my story.... Maybe Frank never saw some of the things he was doing, but
    it should have been a big red flag.

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    On Thu, 09 Feb 2017 09:59:40 -0800, dozzerz wrote:

    I had worked there part time when I was young

    I'd take that tirade with at least a couple of grains of salt. It was
    posted from an email account in Singapore and went thru a Singapore

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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