• Digitrax questions, no power supply?!?!

    From freeman.howard079@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Michael McIntyre on Sat Oct 8 15:40:24 2016
    Don't buy it!
    The radio doesn't work, not worth the money.

    On Saturday, February 3, 2001 at 6:40:31 PM UTC, Michael McIntyre wrote:
    What's all this crap? I'm going to pay $300+ for this stuff and it
    won't even RUN unless I spend another $50 for the power supply?

    I was digging what I was reading about Digitrax until I ran into
    this... That's pretty low. So much for "ready to go out of the box"
    and all that. The point of buying a complete system is that it's
    COMPLETE. Not jerry rigged.

    Would you buy a computer that was complete except for having to go out somewhere and round up a suitable power supply? No, you'd want the
    power supply included, and would expect that component to be reflected
    in the total price for the package.

    Can someone give me a happy happy reason not to be pissed off about
    this? Like maybe I have a suitable power supply up my butt right now
    and all I need to do is pull it out.

    Well, at least I read about this before I bought the thing. Man would
    I have been pissed if I had gotten my new $300+ toy and found I
    couldn't even turn it on yet.
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