• Deadly Amtrak wreck in Philadelphia blamed on distracted engineer

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    Deadly Amtrak wreck in Philadelphia blamed on distracted engineer


    "The speeding Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia last year, killing eight people, most likely ran off the rails because the engineer was
    distracted by word of a nearby commuter train getting hit by a rock, federal investigators concluded Tuesday.
    The National Transportation Safety Board also put some of the blame on the railroad industry's decades-long delay in installing Positive Train Control, equipment that can automatically slow trains that are going over the speed limit.
    Engineer Brandon Bostian was apparently so focused on the rock-throwing incident he heard about over the radio that he lost track of where he was
    and accelerated full-throttle to 106 mph as his train went into a sharp
    curve with a 50 mph limit, investigators said at an NTSB hearing convened to pinpoint the cause of the May 12, 2005, tragedy."
    What bunkum!!
    I have heard the nationwide train speed limit is NEVER
    over 80 mph. It takes a lot of time & energy to get to 106 MPH!!
    Trying to turn this pure gross negligence into a sales job
    for PTC is like trying to turn every DUI death into an
    argument for self driving cars.

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